I currently am offering two styles of packages. Those include a mini session and a basic session. Information on both packages is included below, if you have any questions please contact me through my contact & bookings page.

Mini Session

This session will be a duration of 30 minutes, and you will receive at least 15 pictures that will be edited in-house, with minor touch-ups and color correction. All images will be available through a personalized gallery, where prints can be purchased.


Basic Session

This session will be a duration of 60 minutes, and you will receive at least 30 pictures that will be edited in-house, with minor touch-ups and color correction. All images will be available through a personalized gallery, where prints can be purchased.

$ Contact me

All Packages

All packages will include basic color correction and touch-ups. The baseline amount of pictures for the packages is 15 for the Mini Session, and 30 for the Basic Session, these are the minimum amount of images that will be provided, but if more are taken during the shoot, they will also be provided at the end of the process. All packages also include a $20 deposit upon scheduling. If the session is completed, that amount will be subtracted from the total price. If notice of cancellation is given before the session (At least 48 hours) you will receive the deposit back.

Information About Sessions

All sessions must be scheduled 48 hours in advance. I will do my best to accommodate a time that will work best for both of us, and try to schedule it around the weather that suits the session. All appointments require at least 48 hours' notice for rescheduling or cancellation of services.

Ready to Begin?

How do I schedule a shoot?

If you are interested in scheduling a session you can do so by clicking the “Contact Me” button on the top right of the website. After you contact me I will provide you will some questions, for example; where the shoot will be, amount of people, and any special requests. After we determine the session, and if I will be able to do it, I will send you a list of dates and times that I am available to do the session. After the session is scheduled, and after we have spoken I will send you an invoice that will need to be paid after the session, and once it is completed the photos will have watermarks removed, and files will be sent through a link custom gallery.

Areas that I am willing to travel to are listed below, and any location out of these will receive a charge of 50 cents per mile. This will be determined after initial contact.

Service areas include: Eureka CA, Somoa CA, and Cutten CA. If other locations are desired please feel free to contact me and we can discuss additional charges.

Process of Sessions

This section is dedicated to telling you the process of scheduling and completing a session, and how you will receive your pictures.

Step 1 - Scheduling

When you decide that you would like to work with me, simply click the contact me button, and we will speak about the session, and dates/times. If these dates and times do not work for you, please contact me so we can speak about another time that would work for both of us.

Step 2 - Questionnaire Sent

After you schedule your appointment you will receive a questionnaire from me, this will just be a basic list of questions about the session, and it will help me determine if I will be able to offer services to you. You will receive this in an email so make sure to keep an eye out for it.

Step 3 - Contract & Invoice

After I determine whether I will be able to provide my services for you, I will send you a contract and an invoice. The contract will need to be signed before the session, it is just basic information about my services, and some terms of the session. This will be all digital, and it will be done through your Gmail. The invoice will need to be paid before pictures are sent; you will receive the invoice through Gmail as well.

Step 4 - Session Will Take Place

Once the contract is completed and signed, the date is set so now we will go take the pictures. Remember, if this date and time doesn’t work you will need to give me 48-hour notice to reschedule or cancel.

Step 5 - Processing Photos

I will add my style to the images through basic touch-ups, and color corrections. If you would like special editing done to the images this will need to be determined during the signing of the contract. Additional charges may be applied for advanced edits. You can expect pictures or an update within 2 weeks of the session.

Step 6 - Verification and Gallery Sent

In the last step, I will upload all of your pictures into my gallery, and you will receive a password for viewing, and another for downloading the images with a link. If you would like to do prints through my gallery it would be greatly appreciated, if you would like to do it elsewhere, simply download the images. These Galleries will be active for at least a year or 6 months depending on the session.